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The ropeway office consists of highly qualified experts with many years of experience in various industries. Together as a team, we offer our customers the best possible solutions for their requirements.

Seilbahnbüro Schupfer - That's us!

DI Stefan Essl

Geschäftsführer, Fachinspektor für Seilbahntechnik

Ing. Alois Ruech

Geschäftsführer, Fachinspektor für Seilbahntechnik

Ing. Roland Gattringer

Fachinspektor für Elektrotechnik

DI Dr. techn. Andreas Speer

Fachinspektor für Seilbahntechnik, Ziviltechniker für Maschinenbau

DI Hubert Schupfer

Senior-Konsulent für Seilbahntechnik; Ziviltechniker für Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen im Maschinenbau

DI Mario Iwan

Fachinspektor für Seilbahntechnik, Ziviltechniker für Bauwesen

Andreas Beiser

Fachinspektor für Elektrotechnik

DI Thomas Waibl

Fachinspektor für Elektrotechnik; Ziviltechniker für Elektrotechnik

Ing. Reinhard Thurner

Fachinspektor für Seilzustandsbewertungen (MRT-Prüfungen), Werkstoffprüfer Level II in den Bereichen VT, MT, UT und PT

Ing. Hans-Peter Breuer

Fachinspektor für Seilzustandsbewertungen (MRT-Prüfungen), Werkstoffprüfer Level II in den Bereichen VT, MT, UT und PT

Ing. Raphael Gattringer

Fachinspektor für Seilbahntechnik, Werkstoffprüfer Level II in den Bereichen VT, MT und UT

Nicole Ruech

Back-Office, Buchhaltung

Vom kleinen Familienunternehmen zum Branchenführer: Die Erfolgsgeschichte von Seilbahnbüro Schupfer

  • Gondel

    The roots of the Schupfer cableway office lie in the authority as a civil engineer for mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.


  • Gondel

    ... we were accredited for recurring cableway inspections. Since then, as an accredited body, we have inspected more than 2,000 ropeways at home and abroad.


  • Gondel

    ... the approval for acceptance tests of new and rebuilt ropeways was granted. As a result, we have carried out acceptance tests on over 100 new and rebuilt ropeways worldwide.


  • Gondel

    ... there were far-reaching changes in the European ropeway industry: the EU Ropeway Directive 2000/9/EC came into force and was gradually transposed into national law (ropeway laws) in the individual EU member states in the following years. At the same time, the previous national technical ropeway standards were replaced by the uniform Europe-wide CEN ropeway standards. In these new cableway regulations, essential tasks were transferred to private bodies.


  • Gondel

    ... another important step was taken for our cableway office: In October 2003, our office was registered by the EU Commission in Brussels as a Notified Body according to the EU Ropeway Directive 2000/9/EC under Ident No. 1339. Since then, we have regularly carried out conformity assessments of safety components and subsystems, working together with all well-known European ropeway manufacturers.


  • Gondel

    ... we also prepare safety reports in accordance with the EU Cableway Directive 2000/9/EC and the Cableway Act 2003 for new constructions and conversions of cableways in Austria and other European countries.


  • Gondel

    ... the re-accreditation for our cableway office as Notified Body according to Regulation (EU) 2016 / 424 was carried out.


  • Gondel

    ... to expand our range of services, accreditation for non-destructive testing in the VT, MT, UT and PT test methods took place.


  • Gondel

    ... we were able to expand the offer for our customers in the field of rope condition assessment - MRT testing.


  • Gondel

    ... the company was transformed into a GmbH & CoKG (limited liability company) and after more than 25 successful years in the ropeway industry, DI Hubert Schupfer handed over the management to DI Stefan Essl and Ing. Alois Ruech.


  • Gondel

    ... to complete our competences, the cableway office was accredited as a certification body according to EN ISO/IEC 17065 for product, process and service certification.


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